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A  dramatic play
Directed by Peter Curley
Produced by Steve Lemenille
Stage Managed by Barbara Ruban

March 24, 25, 2023 @ 8 PM

12 Angry Jurors is a play that contemplates the huge responsibility of twelve ordinary people as they consider the guilt or innocence of a young man accused of murder.  The twelve jurors bring their histories, prejudices, and biases to the jury room as they work through this life or death decision.


Juror #1               Thi Nguyen

Juror #2               Joseph Jones

Juror #3               Bill Barry

Juror #4               Renee Litwin

Juror #5               Judah Gray

Juror #6               Jose Rivera

Juror #7               Omar Ahmed

Juror #8               Ron Richardson

Juror #9               Sandra Lilly

Juror #10             Greg Northam

Juror #11             Eileen McShane

Juror #12             Ruth Kliwinski

Court Officer       Jeremy Gavaris

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